Landscape Waste Collection

Seasonal Curbside Landscape Waste Collection

Start Date: March 27, 2017
End Date: TBD (Thru approximately Dec. 22, 2017, weather permitting)
Normal's landscape waste collection program serves to:
  • provide convenient collection service to residents.
  • recycle plant materials by transferring them to the I.S.U. farm for composting.


Landscape waste is organic yard or garden waste such as leaves and plant trimmings. Some organic items are excluded from curbside collection such as grass clippings, sod and dirt, however, they may be disposed of at our Landscape Waste Drop-off site (see below).

Sticks are not landscape waste. They should be piled loose at the curb for brush collection. Large ornamental grasses (3 feet or longer) may be included with sticks, branches and twigs for brush collection or it may be broken down for landscape waste collection. Rose bush trimmings and most bush trimmings should be included with brush collection, not landscape waste.


  • Collection - Landscape waste is collected weekly, on your regular collection day, approximately April - mid December.
  • Place landscape waste at the curb in open bags or open cans/carts. Any style of bag or can is permissible as long as the weight when filled does not exceed 35 lbs. and it is sturdy enough for collection, however, paper landscape waste bags are preferred over plastic bags.
  • Town-issued Landscape Waste Carts - Landscape waste may also be placed in a Town-issued Green-lidded Landscape Waste cart or a Town-issued garbage cart labeled with landscape waste decals on each side. Town landscape waste carts allow automated collection and allow more than the usual 35 lb. limit (up to about 200 lbs. is collectable by our automated system).
  • Cart Purchase - Town landscape waste carts may be purchased online or at our Finance Dept. (Ph. 454-9516; 11 Uptown Circle).
  • Landscape Waste Decals - If you have an extra Town cart, free landscape waste decals can be obtained at the Public Works facility, City Hall Reception Desk (2nd floor), Normal Public Library or at the Normal Police Station front desk. Place decals on the upper sides of the cart (1 on each side) so the driver can see them from a distance.
  • Timing - Place landscape waste at the curb no later than 6 a.m. on your regular collection day or after 6 p.m. the evening before.
  • Placement - Place landscape waste near the back of the curb and 3 or more feet from other collection items (brush, bulky waste, garbage, recycling) or obstructions (signs, poles, cars, etc.)
  • Weight - Each open bag or cart should weigh no more than 35 lbs. as it is loaded by hand into our trucks. Town-issued landscape waste carts can exceed the 35 lb. limit (up to 200 lbs.) as they are collected with our automated system.
Items we do NOT pick up curbside as landscape waste:
  • Grass clippings (see Landscape Waste Drop-off site below)
  • Dirt (see Landscape Waste Drop-off site below)
  • Sod (see Landscape Waste Drop-off site below)
  • Sticks/Brush (place these items loose at the curb for brush collection)
  • Pine cones (include with regular household waste)
  • Catalpa seeds, seed pods and nuts (include with regular garbage)
  • Rose bush clippings (include with brush collection)
  • Non-compostable items such as: plant containers and other household waste which should be included with regular waste collection in your Town-issued garbage cart.
Acceptable landscape waste items:
  • Leaves (April - September leaves should be placed in an open bag or cart; during the fall leaf season only, rake leaves near the curb)
  • Plants and plant trimmings (nothing woody - see Brush)
  • Weeds
  • Pine needles
  • Flowers

Landscape Waste Drop-off site (Normal residents)

Alternatively, all landscape waste that we collect curbside, as well as grass clippings, dirt (free of rocks), fruits and vegetables and sod can be taken to the Public Works facility at 1301 Warriner St. There is a "Landscape Waste" sign on Warriner St., just past our building, that will help direct residents to the location at the far west end of our yard. Our landscape waste drop-off site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Drop off by contractors is not permitted.