Concert Series

The Connie Link Amphitheatre comes alive with the sounds of many local musical talents! Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on and enjoy the free summer performances of the "Sounds of the Connie Link Amphitheatre" Concert Series. Overflow parking is available at Underwood Park! For inclement weather information, please call our HOTLINE at (309) 433-3434, #3.

View the Concert Series Flyer (PDF) for more information about Connie Link Amphitheatre Summer Concert series!

Connie Link Amphitheatre
621 South Linden
Normal, IL

2019 Sounds of Connie Link Amphitheatre

Date Band Time
May 5 Mary & The Troublemakers (50's/60's) 4:00pm
May 9 Last Call (Rock and R&B)  6:00pm
May 19 Perrilles Project (Bebop Era Music)  4:00pm
May 23 Sweetwater (Pop/Rock/Funk)  6:00pm
June 2  Rocky Ford Rounders (Bluegrass)  4:00pm
June 20 The Bygones 6:00pm
June 23 Kevin Hart & The Vibe Tribe- Rescheduled  4:00pm
June 29 Unfinished Business (Blues)  6:00pm
July 7 Retro Fit (80's Party Tunes)  4:00pm
July 9 Adam Larson Quartet (Normal Theater)  6:30pm
July 14 Kevin Hart & The Vibe Tribe  12:00 pm
July 25 Turas (Irish/Celtic Music) 6:00pm
July 28 The Aristocrats 4:00pm
August 4 Brian Choban Jazz Quintet 4:00pm
August 8 Brass Band of Central Illinois  6:00pm
August 16 All Over the Map (50's - Present)  6:00pm
August 25 Biscuits-n-Gravy 4:00pm
August 29 Bones Jugs (Eclectic Jugs, Strings) 6:00pm
September 5 Twilight Zona (Old Time Rock/Roll, Bluegrass) 6:00pm
September 8 Jim Markum Swing Band (BIg Band Swing)  4:00pm
September 13 Heartland Jazz Orchestra  6:00pm
September 22 Ray's Rockets (Classic Rock, 50's-80's) 4:00pm
September 26 Velvet Groove (50's-70's, Rockabilly Blues)  6:00pm
September 28 Lisa G and The Good Reasons ( R&B/Motown)  4:00pm