Make Music Normal

Make Music Normal is an all-day, free music festival taking place in Uptown Normal on Saturday, June 24, 2017. The festival offers experiences for participants of any age and any skill level to make music, in addition to seeing a diverse lineup of musical acts performing all day long.

Make Music Normal is an opportunity to celebrate community organizations and businesses that make music a part of everyone's lives.  From 12:00-4:00pm we are partnering with numerous groups to offer the chance to learn some choreography, build an instrument, join a drum circle, or learn about the science of sound.  If you are part of an organization that focuses on music in any form, we would love to have you as part of Make Music Normal 2017; please contact festival organizer Adam Fox at or (309) 454-9720 for more information.

Are you in a band? Are you a singer/songwriter? Do you find fun and creative ways to celebrate music? We are looking for bands, singers, dancers, songwriters, and/or performers to help us create a day of musical fun in uptown Normal. We will have 5 active stages that will be booked from noon until 11:00pm in addition to many opportunities to plug in at a street corner and just jam with your fellow musicians.  If you'd like to book some stage time, please follow the signup link below.

2017 Performer Sign-up

Join us and make music…well, normal.  Questions? Contact Adam Fox at or (309) 454-9720.

Make sure to head over to the Make Music Normal Facebook Page for updates and more information.

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