Mobilize your network!  

Please help spread the word about how citizens can support our local economy. Choose from options below to share messages with people in your networks.

  1. Create a social media post – Getting curbside? Ordering in? Use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to snap a pic of your dinner or check into their establishment to create awareness. Customize the messages below to share information with your friends and family.
  2. Create a Facebook Live post – When you stop in to pick up your curbside order or shop at a local, small business,  start a Facebook Live recording and tell your friends and family.
  3. Send an email – Use the message below to create awareness with those in your network


It was my turn to cook tonight, so we grabbed curbside from <name of restaurant>. #eatLocal

I shopped local today. I support our small business owners and hope you will, too! #shopLocal

Did you get your flu vaccine? I got mine! Roll your Sleeve Up for your annual flu vaccine. Find place to get a flu vaccine near you:

Take the Pledge! Vow to keep our communities strong! #maskupNormal

I wear a mask to protect others. When you wear a mask, you take care of yourself and your neighbors.

Help protect vulnerable populations by wearing a mask. 

Other things you can do on Facebook:

1. Check in at your local business / restaurant when you visit – encourage others to #eatLocal #shopLocal
2. Snap a pic of the top of your receipt (you don’t have to show the total!) to inspire others to carryout and shop local
3. Create a Facebook Live video of your next shopping experience! You’ll be surprised by how many people join! Ask the store manager/owner to send a message of thanks to your friends and family. 


I support local businesses like <insert names>. They need our help during the pandemic. #shopLocal #carryout #curbside #spendLocal #enjoyLocal #maskupNormal

Wearing a mask shows kindness.

Help keep our economy strong.

#shopLocal: buy from a local retailer

#eatLocal: help our local restaurants … all you have to do is #orderdelivery or pickup #curbside

#enjoyLocal: small businesses are critical to our local economy

Don’t take local commerce for granted. #spendLocal #eatLocal #ShopLocal #enjoyLocal

The shops on the corner make a big impact in our communities. Join me in supporting them! #spendLocal #eatLocal #ShopLocal #enjoyLocal


Tag the business and/or restaurant when you post these:

It’s important to #shopLocal and keep our communities strong. 

Grab #carryout. Order #delivery. Get #curbside or #eatLocal Your dollars make a difference to local restaurants.

I #spendLocal because I appreciate our small business owners.

Getting a #fluvaccine is more important than ever.

Help prevent the spread of #flu #COVID19 by wearing a mask #maskupNormal

When you wear a mask, you protect others. When others wear a mask, they protect you.

Email Message

Hi, friends,

I’m reaching out to ask you to help me support our local community businesses and restaurants. I am asking you to help remind others of the importance of supporting local. As a proud resident of Bloomington-Normal, I want our communities to continue to thrive long after COVID-19 is a memory. To do that, we must support local restaurants and businesses. 

Please consider these actions:

1. Encourage your friends and followers on social media to roll up their sleeves for an annual flu vaccine.
2. Post a message on social media when you visit a local business or restaurant.
3. Shop local – and tell others when you do.
4. Get curbside or delivery – Order for delivery, grab carryout and enjoy curbside pickup to support our local business owners. 

Visit for messages you can use to create awareness about all of the above! 

These are just a few things we can do to support our communities. Thank you for doing your part to keep our communities strong!

Questions? Reach out to Cathy Oloffson at 309-433-9905.

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Remember all the restaurants and small businesses that you’ve ask for years and years to donate
a photo of Beth Whisman of Cultural Arts installing a community confident yard sign.
Medici Square
A photo of an employee cleaning at the Garlic Press
A photo of employees laughing outside of Uptown Gifts and Accessories
Mayor - Sleeve Up
A photo of an employee at Campustown