Bicycle Violations

How to Settle a Bicycle Violation

If you have received a Town ordinance violation for a bicycle infraction, you have three options:
  1. You may participate in the Bicycle Diversion Program. This program is designed to teach bicycle safety and gain compliance to laws regulating movement of bicycles. If you successfully complete the program, your violation will be dismissed. You may only participate in the Diversion Program one time.
  2. You can pay the fine as you would for other Town ordinance violations.
  3. Appear in court on the date on the ticket, where you can either contest the violation or plead guilty.
These are not Illinois Vehicle Code violations and will not go against your driving record; these are Town of Normal ordinance violations.

Bicycle Diversion Program

If you have received your first Town ordinance violation for a bicycle infraction, you may be eligible to participate in the Bicycle Diversion Program. To participate in the Program:
  1. You must not have previously completed a bicycle diversion program through the Town of Normal or the City of Bloomington.
  2. Take the online bicycle safety course at (Adult Bicyclist to the Gold level—33 questions in total).
  3. Upon successful completion of the bicycle safety quiz, print, and submit your certificate to the Legal Department. When the Legal Department receives your certificate, it will dismiss your violation.
  4. If your certificate is not received before the initial court date on the ticket, the Legal Department will proceed with prosecution of the ordinance violation.
For more information, please contact the Town of Normal Legal Department at (309) 454-9507.

Contact Reference: Jason Querciagrossa, Deputy Corporation Counsel;; (309) 454-9506.