The Town is a strong supporter of solar panels and renewable energy, and we want you to have a smooth experience installing them in our community.  To that end, the Town has committed to becoming a SolSmart community.  The Town currently owns several solar panels, which are located atop the Children’s Discovery Museum at 101 E. Beaufort in Uptown Normal.  You can read more about the Town's commitment in the City Manager's letter to the International City/County Management Association.

Residential Solar Panels

In order to install solar panels on a residential roof, you must obtain an electrical permit and a building permit.  The process typically takes only a few days if permits and fees are filed with all required information.  Height is typically not a concern, as most residences are not at the maximum height established by code.  To schedule an appointment with an inspector, call (309) 454-9581.

Ground-mounted panels are currently not addressed in the Town’s Zoning Code.  Thus, requests for ground-mounted panels would be analyzed on a case-by-case basis through the electrical permit process.  

Commercial Solar Panels

The process for commercial solar panels is very similar to the residential process; however, the commercial building permit is processed by a different inspector.