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Review the approved 2020 Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan update here.
Acknowledgement and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Plan Overview
Chapter 2 - Current Conditions
Chapter 3 - Community Engagement
Chapter 4 - Vision Goals and Objectives
Chapter 5 - The Active Mobility Network
Chapter 6 - Supporting Programs and Policies
Chapter 7 - Implementation Strategies

About the Plan Update


In October 2020, the Town Council accepted the 2020 Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Update, which will serve as Normal's blueprint for investing in improvements that enhance safety, connectivity, and accessibility for people walking, biking, and using mobility assistance devices and aids like wheelchairs and walkers.

Why update the plan?

A lot has changed since the Town’s original plan was adopted in 2009!  The Town has implemented many aspects of the original plan, including the following:
Extending the Constitution Trail
Adding many important sidewalk connections 
Installing bike lanes and shared lane markings
Coordinating annual Walk to School opportunities 
Operating a Bike Rodeo to teach children safe bike riding skills

Click here to view a summary of the 2020 plan

A photo of the first page of the open house presentation boards
Since 2009, design standards and other recommendations pertaining to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure have changed, as have the community’s priorities for future growth and development in Normal.  These design standards and updated community priorities, coupled with new funding sources, make it the perfect time to update the plan.

Public Engagement

The process to update the plan started in September 2019 with an inventory of the Town’s progress on the 2009 plan and its connection to other Town plans adopted in more recent years.  Town staff presented the final draft of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update to the Town Council on October 5,  2020.  

Throughout the plan update process, public engagement was critical.  The Town gathered feedback through the following means:

  • A November 2019 open house where information was shared with community residents.  Staff asked for attendees' vision for a more walkable and bikeable community. Over 40 people attended and shared their ideas for desired types of improvements.  Topics shared included barriers to walking and biking, priorities and values, and specific projects to create a safer, more connected system for active transportation. To learn more about the open house, you can view a brief presentation and the display boards.   
  • More than 431 people provided input to the plan through an online survey administered from October through December 2019.  
  • Meetings between Town staff and key stakeholder groups, including those representing runners, people with disabilities, bicyclists, and Illinois State University faculty, staff, and students. 

Please feel free to contact Ryan Otto, Director of Public Works and Engineering or Mercy Davison, Town Planner with any questions or comments

Ryan Otto                                            Mercy Davison
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Power Point Presentation - November 2019 
Open House Presentation Boards - November 2019