Town of Normal has opportunities for youth and teen competition in Esports gaming titles! First league games will begin January 2021 against youth and teens from Champaign-Urbana and Decatur.

Couple highlights of our Central Illinois Esports League:
  • Safety: League is hosted on a private, invite-only server.
  • Game titles are FREE to download, and multi-platform.
  • Esports allows for social interaction and making new friends.
  • Leagues are 1 match per week, and a 6-week season.
  • Discord and email will be utilized for all league communication.
  • Prizes for winners!
Discord is a communication tool used for league communication and scheduling. Instructions here!
Game Title Division Ages Dates Fee Activity #
Rocket League Silver 10-14 1/19-2/23 $15 357000-10
- Rules Gold 14-18 1/19-2/23 $15 357000-11
Fortnite League Silver 10-14 1/21-2/25 $15 357000-12
- Rules Gold 14-18 1/21-2/25 $15 357000-13
Central IL Esports Flyer Final