Leaf Collection


Residential leaf vacuum collection has started will run for for approximately 7-8 weeks. 
Leaf crews work in one zone (see key to zones) until it is complete. This may take multiple days.  Please take a look at this  interactive map to see how our crew is progressing.

Leaf Vacuum Collection Dates

Start Date:  Late October/Early November
End Date:  Typically mid-December

Crews work Monday - Friday during the fall.

Where are they now? 

Click on the link for an interactive map showing our crew's progress.

Key to Zones

Zone 1 - Monday refuse collection area
Zone 2 - Tuesday refuse collection area
Zone 3 - Wednesday refuse collection area
Zone 4 - Thursday refuse collection area
Zone 5 - Friday refuse collection area

If you are unaware of your refuse collection day, view the Collection Map.

Open burning of leaves is not permitted at any time within the corporate limits of Normal.


  • Leaf crews work in one zone (see 'Key to Zones' above right) until it is complete. This may take multiple days.
  • It may take multiple weeks to complete all 5 zones, especially during heavy leaf fall. Crews hope to pass through each zone 3-5 times during leaf collection season.
  • Leaves should be raked to the back of the curb on the grass or to the shoulder of the roadway. If you live in an area where cars are continuously parked, place the leaves at the edge of your driveway or as near to the driveway as possible.
  • Do not place leaves in the street as they can block storm water inlets, obstruct traffic and hinder street maintenance.
  • Sticks and other items are not to be placed in the leaf pile. Items other than leaves may cause clogs and possible equipment malfunction. Mixed piles may not be collected. Sticks should be placed in a separate pile. See Brush Collection.
  • Keep leaf piles no higher than three feet for safety.
  • Please keep leaves away from mailboxes, utility poles, guide wires, water valves and other obstructions.
  • Leaves may also be dropped at the Town of Normal Landscape Waste Drop off site at 1301 Warriner Street. The drop site is open 24/7 for Normal residents.
  • Do not place leaves in bags or containers during leaf vacuum season.

Spring and Summer

The Town of Normal does not employ leaf vacuuming crews in the spring or summer. Therefore, leaves raked during this time are collected as Landscape Waste.