Winter weather can wreak havoc on water pipes.  Click on the photo below for tips on how to avoid frozen water pipes from Illinois American Water. 
A photo of poster with tips on how to avoid frozen water pipes. This photo links to the poster on th

As the transition to monthly water billing continues, it’s important to note the following:

There was a rate increase that was approved and effective April 1 for garbage fee from $18/month to $24/month.  Also, April and May were the transitional billing statements for monthly billing.  There were zero charges for Garbage and Storm Water fees on these statements because, under the old bi-monthly billing system, these fees were charged ahead. Fees for April and May had already been paid.

For those who prefer paperless billing, please register here.  The Town also offers automatic recurring payment.  Payments are accepted online or by phone at no extra charge. 

For further clarification, please call 309-433-3411.

Other questions?  Email us at billingquestions@normal.org


The Water Department is responsible for providing a safe and reliable supply of water for the citizens of the Town of Normal. In addition, adequate pressure and volume must be maintained for fire protection purposes.

The department has three main divisions: Administration/Billing, Distribution and Treatment.

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