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Parking in Uptown

Are you planning a trip to Uptown Normal? If so, there are an abundance of parking and transportation options to meet your needs.

On-Street and Surface Parking Lots
Free, on-street and surface parking is available throughout the Uptown area. Please obey all posted time restrictions as regulations are strictly enforced. The majority of spaces are designated as one or two hour maximum.

Parking Decks
The Town of Normal operates three parking decks in the Uptown area:
  1. College Avenue - Located just east of the Normal Public Library and the Heartland Bank Building. It has entrances off College Avenue and Mulberry Street and is bordered by Constitution Boulevard.
  2. Uptown Station - Located on West Beaufort Street and is connected to Uptown Station and City Hall.
  3. Beaufort Street - Located at the corner of West Beaufort Street and Broadway. This deck contains a sky walk into the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center.

Parking Rates
Free Parking
*College Avenue & Uptown Station Parking Decks ONLY
  • 1st Hour
  • All Day Sunday
  • 6:00 pm - 12:00 am Monday - Saturday
  • Amtrak & Bus Patrons (see below instructions)

$1 - Per Hour all other daytime hours
$2 - 12:00 am - 6:00 am

$6 - Per Day Maximum

$8 - Overnight

$40 - Per month

Validation for the College Avenue deck is available for patrons of the Normal Public Library. Validation for individuals conducting business at City Hall is available at the 2nd floor reception desk. Monthly permits are available at both decks.

Please call Heartland Parking at (309) 451-5380 for information and rates.

Parking Instructions
All parking decks operate on a ticket system and require patrons to take a ticket upon entry into the deck.
  1. Take ticket from dispenser when entering deck.
  2. Take ticket with you when you park and leave your car. 
  3. Before returning to your car, stop at any pay station located inside the deck and follow the directions for payment. You will receive a new ticket needed to raise the lift gate. 
  4. Insert new ticket in machine at gate when exiting deck.

Parking decks accept cash, credit and debit payments.

Free Long Term Parking - Amtrak & Bus Patrons

Pick up and drop off is prohibited in Uptown Circle. To pick up or drop off transit passengers, please enter the Uptown Station deck on W. Beaufort St. Short term pick up/drop off parking is available on the 2nd floor. If you are in the deck for less than 1 hour you do not need to visit the pay station, you may exit the deck free of charge using the ticket you received upon entry. 

*Available on the top floor of the College Avenue deck ONLY. (The deck attached to Uptown Station is a pay deck and costs $8 per night.) 

  2. Take ticket with you when you park and leave your car.
  3. Before departing on your trip, stop at the Parking Information Desk located inside Uptown Station and provide the attendant with the Make, Model, Color and License Plate Number of your car.
  4. Upon returning from your trip, stop at the Parking Information Desk located inside Uptown Station. Provide proof of your trip (bus or train ticket/stub) and attendant will provide you with a parking voucher.
  5. Insert original parking ticket followed by parking voucher in machine at gate when exiting parking deck.

*Free long term parking is offered on the top floor of the College Avenue deck only. Long term parking in other areas will result in being charged the standard fee of $8 per day.